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Get 5% Discount on your first order. Use Code : SK05
Get 5% Discount on your first order. Use Code : SK05

1 Piece Premium Quality High Performance Electronic Air Heat Gun.

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  • Package Includes : 1 Piece of Heat Gun.
  • It has a crucial role in shrink-wrap packaging. With this Heat Gun, a whole host of activities like stripping paint, felt roofing repairs, lighting barbecues, thawing frozen water pipes, Loosening rusted nuts and bolts, etc., is quite literally a cool breeze. 
  1. Stripping Paint and Varnish: Heat guns are effective in softening paint and varnish, making it easier to scrape or peel away from surfaces.

  2. Shrinking Heat Shrink Tubing: In electronics and wiring applications, heat guns are often used to shrink heat shrink tubing, providing a protective covering for wires and connections.

  3. Soldering and Desoldering: Heat guns can be used in conjunction with soldering to heat and melt solder, as well as to desolder components by heating the solder and removing them.

  4. Removing Adhesives and Decals: The heat generated by the gun can help loosen adhesives and decals, making it easier to peel them off.

  5. Bending Plastic Pipes: In plumbing applications, heat guns are used to soften and bend plastic pipes without causing damage.

  6. Thawing Frozen Pipes: The hot air from a heat gun can be used to thaw frozen pipes, especially in colder climates.

  7. Drying and Curing: Heat guns are useful for drying surfaces, such as paint or coatings, and for curing certain materials like epoxy or resin.

  8. DIY Crafts and Hobbies: Artists and crafters often use heat guns for tasks like embossing, molding and shaping materials like foam, and working with thermoplastics.

  9. Technical Specifications: Voltage: 220 Volts. Motor Power: 1600 Watts. Dual Heat Settings. Grip Style: Pistol. Temperature:400°C & 600°C. Rate of Frequency: 50Hz.  

When using a heat gun, it's essential to follow safety precautions as the tool produces high temperatures. Always wear appropriate protective gear, and be cautious of the hot air stream to prevent burns or other injuries. Additionally, be mindful of the specific requirements of the material you are working with, as excessive heat can damage certain substances. The Distance between the air outlet and the object shall be no less than 2mm. To Choose suitable blast nozzel in accordance with working requirements. Different blast nozzles may have diffrent temperature.