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1 pcs Handcrafted Round Platter Holder Tray -Ideal for Engagement Ring Ceremony, Decorative Plates for Brides Maid, Marriage Functions

Rs. 599.00
SKU FK-3048
  • Package Includes : 1 Pcs Square Shape Mehndi Platter , Size : 7 x 9 inch.
  • The platter is often made of materials such as wood, providing a sturdy and elegant base for the arrangement. The rings may be placed in a small box, cushion, or any creative holder, enhancing the presentation.
  • It is beautifully designed tray to Put Mehndi cone coordinated with the overall theme of the wedding.
  • It has elegant floral arrangement surrounding the ring platter. Use of soft and romantic colors to enhance the aesthetic. Incorporate decorative elements like lace, nets, Flowers, Grass.
  • The Mehndi platter is a focal point for the marriage function with seamless integration with the overall decor for a visually appealing setting.